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Spice Souk


Spice up your Dubai experience at this vibrant bazaar

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Spice SouK
Spice Souk

Dubai’s Spice Souk is a colourful, aromatic and sensory experience. Discover new flavours and recipes as you explore the traditional spice market in Dubai's heritage area. Savour the atmosphere of the past as you are introduced to the mounds of aromatic herbs and spices, all spilling from large baskets at every turn. Spices are sold both by weight and in packets. Like other souks, you can save money when you buy in bulk quantities – and vendors expect you to haggle. Find flavourful additives at the Spice Souk Wander among many different stalls and chat to the vendors who will give you plenty of ideas on how you can use the exotic spices on offer. Some may be rich and powerful, whereas others light, airy and sweet. A wide variety of fragrant teas from all over the world are on offer and you are sure to learn all of this as you go. Lots of Arabic spices are on offer, as well as those from the subcontinent. Whether you’re a cooking expert or looking to experiment a bit with your favourite recipes, you’ll discover many new tastes at the Spice Souk – with a great selection of nuts, oils and saffron also available. Take home a piece of Dubai with unique finds from across the city's traditional souks.

Frequently asked questions How do I get to Spice Souk Dubai? For a unique experience, the best way to get to the Dubai Spice Souk is to cross the Dubai Creek from Bur Dubai on a traditional 'abra' boat. The marketplace is a short walk from the marine station. For another public transportation option, take the metro to Al Ras station, which is an eight-minute walk from the destination. What are the timings of Dubai Spice Souk? A traditional Arabian market along the Deira waterfront, Dubai Spice Souk is open daily. Timings vary but tend to be earlier than 8am to past 9pm, except on Fridays when the market is closed during the day. It's a popular tourist attraction, offering an aromatic experience with chances to discover new herbs and flavours. What restaurants are near Dubai Spice Souk? There are many small eateries and well-known restaurants serving authentic local treats and Southeast Asian fare within walking distance or up to a 10-minute drive radius of Dubai Spice Souk. These include Bhatkal Restaurant and Al Forat Restaurant. For more cuisine options, the nearby Al Ghurair Centre hosts several dining venues including Din Tai Fung and Denny's. What should I wear in a Dubai souk? Given that there's well over an hour's worth of walking to do along narrow pathways, and a lot of wares are stacked up outdoors, it is best to don light and comfortable clothing and footwear during a visit to any of the traditional creekside souks in Old Dubai. Come prepared for humidity too! Where can I buy spices in Dubai? For an authentic and aromatic spice journey, there's no better place to shop than at the Dubai Spice Souk. The traditional Arabian market is located along Deira's waterfront and is in the company of many other interesting souks. Stop by and get lost amid mounds of herbs and flavourings, all spilling from baskets at every turn.

Location: 26 34 St - Al Ras - Deira - Dubai Phone Number: +971 4 221 5555 E-Mail:


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