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11:11 Avenue - Specialty Coffee - Dahab

11:11 Avenue - Specialty Coffee - Dahab FRESH BREWED HAPPINESS Dahab know. Truly Great Coffee The goal is to make sure you enjoy the best combination of rich flavors, aromas and absolutely no blends for a coffee experience unlike any other.

Good espresso gets positive reviews. The warm atmosphere of this restaurant makes guests feel relaxed and have a nice time. A lot of people mark that the staff is cute at Avenue. Prompt service is something visitors agree upon here. This place has received Google 4.8 according to the guests' opinions.

Known to be the purest coffee you can brew,

Pour Over coffee creates more flavor than regular machine coffee, delivering incredibly clear flavors and aromas, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy even the subtlest notes in their coffee.

11:11 Avenue offers a wide range of pour over coffee and selected premium coffee beans.

Are you ready for an exceptional coffee experience ?

Siphon-brewed coffee tastes rich, smooth, and flavorful, with hints of caramel or chocolate notes. It’s a clean, aromatic brew that highlights the natural flavors of the beans

Assala Square, Dahab, Egypt


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